Professional Errors & Omissions

Experts in Our Field

McLeod Law Group handles professional malpractice or negligence claims and suits of all types (excluding only legal malpractice).

The firm has both defended and pursued claims against a wide variety of professionals. The firm has assisted professionals in handling potential claims, including identifying and pursuing a variety of pre-suit processes geared toward mitigation or resolution. The firm also advises professionals on a variety of risk management and mitigation approaches.

Insurance Recovery

Insurance policy enforcement and coverage litigation, designing and assessing risk management programs, and procuring insurance coverage.

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Construction & Development

Specializing in a wide range of real estate consultation and disputes such areas as development, construction, land use, property management, and sales.

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Litigation & Counseling

Creative and results-oriented assistance with a constant eye on your goals and a readiness to nimbly adjust as facts and circumstances warrant.

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